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Music in Naples: cosa dicono di noi (in inglese)

Music in Naples, per dirla all’inglese. Abbiamo voluto raccogliere tutte le recensioni in inglese dal nostro profilo di TripAdvisor, dove siamo classificati secondi nella categoria delle “cose da fare” a Napoli.

In due anni, senza particolari aiuti e supporti comunicativi e istituzionali, siamo riusciti a diventare una realtà turistica e culturale della nostra città, grazie alla costanza e al lavoro quotidiano che portiamo avanti, sia dal punto di vista performativo (scopri i prossimi concerti) sia della divulgazione della Canzone Napoletana.

Dunque, music in Naples, buona lettura… in inglese!

Music in Naples

Certificato di eccellenza 2019 – TripAdvisor


Napoli is full of surprises!

Amazing show! Four musicians, with classical background, play traditional, non-mainstream Neapolitan music in the beginning and end with mainstream songs. A show that pleases everyone and never slides into vulgarity. Excellent!

Data dell’esperienza: luglio 2019


Good music transcends language barriers

Don’t miss this show. 1 1/4 hours of enjoyment. This converted taxi park now hosts 4 talented young musicians who share some folk music. €10 gets you a seat, a drink and the opportunity to hear and join the entertainment. A great mix of Italians and visitors in the audience added an extra dynamic.

Data dell’esperienza: luglio 2019



My and my husband booked to see this last week on our honeymoon and it was brilliant. We didn’t know what to expect but it had been recommended by the lady who owned our accommodation. It starts at 9pm and is very easy to find, right opposite the main archaeological museum. The host was very welcoming and as part of the €10 price you get a choice of soft drink or wine. The music is great, all very talented, and even if you don’t know the language you can join in. Very interactive and fun. I really recommend it. Booking is vital, I did it on their website (I got a confirmation email and WhatsApp message in my language) or you can phone. It’s so fun, we even bought their cd!

Data dell’esperienza: luglio 2019


really enjoyable musical evening

It’s great to experience the traditional music and dance of Naples. A variety of songs and instruments, fantastic pianist, anyone would enjoy it.

Data dell’esperienza: giugno 2019


A great show

Neapolitan music is very famous, so it’s only natural to go to a show with traditional Neapolitan music when visiting Napoli. The show is great: the musicians are very talented and they deliver the songs in

a charming way. We were a little concerned that the show would be touristic but in fact the majority in the audience were Italians and the show felt authentic. The musicians said that they wish to keep the tradition alive and they succeeded big time. So: when in Napoli, treat yourself to this show. A visit to Napoli without it would be in a sense like a visit without eating pizza

Data dell’esperienza: maggio 2019


The Delightful Musical Heritage of Naples – LIVE & ONSTAGE!

During a visit to Naples, our guide arranged an evening concert by Napulitanata.

Arriving inside and seated in the intimate space, our hosts served glasses of wine and some “nibbles” to our group. The lights dimmed and the show began.

What happened next was pure magic!

The four musicians gave us an hour of lively, colorful, romantic and toe-tapping selections of Neapolitan music! The four entertainers included the soloist, an accordion player, a trumpet player and a piano genius! Our entire group loved the program!!! The evening performance was certainly a highlight of our visit to Naples!

Data dell’esperienza: maggio 2019


Amazing and fun evening

Really worth it – not cheesy at all. Traditional music (most of them you know from movies or newer Chart Songs) played by younger folks with a lot of joy and fun.

Great atmosphere and a lot too laugh.

Highly recommend to take time for this. You will not regret.

Data dell’esperienza: giugno 2019


Great night of Neapolitan Music in a cozy place

we booked tickets after reading great reviews on Tripadvisor. For only 10 Euro each my hubby and I were well entertained by 4 fantastic musicians for an hour and a quarter. We really enjoyed it – small room but everyone gets involved and you will laugh and sing – just go!

Data dell’esperienza: giugno 2019



Very nice night of Neapolitan Music.

I got interested to go to the show because I check the reviews here and definitely it worth a lot. The place is cozy and the singer and musicians are very good and you can dive into the Napolitan music and culture. The interaction with the public is also good and make the event even better. I really appreciate my night at Napulitanata.

Data dell’esperienza: giugno 2019


A special treat

4 singers/musicians playing skilful, vibrant and emotional music in a small, intimate yet exotic room. Heartfelt singing and outstanding musicianship. Wonderful.

Data dell’esperienza: aprile 2019


Lovely napulitan athmosphere

A couple of passionate local musicians playing Neapolitan songs in a cozy room, successfully engaging the audience (even the likes of us, who know nothing about the songs). Oh, and for that 10 € you also get a drink – by the musicians themselves, who organize everything.

Data dell’esperienza: maggio 2019


You should go!

Nothing else like this in Naples. It is really something special. An hour of your life you will not regret. Talented musicians and a fun night.

Request a booking by email and they will confirm. We requested in the morning and received confirmation at lunch time for that evenings show but I would recommend booking in advance so you don’t miss out. 10 euros with wine, beer or soft drink included. A couple of minutes walk from Museo metro station.

Data dell’esperienza: maggio 2019


Great music performance

So glad we attended. Fantastic show of Neapolitan music. The three musicians are incredibly talented from the vocals to the instruments. The pianist blew us away. The show is so fun. Loved how the musicians occasionally involved everyone in song & a dance. All were laughing & having a great time. Most fun we had in Naples.

We reserved online for a Wednesday evening. The show starts at 9pm. The venue is small & cozy. You are seated with the best ones if arrive early. Then a nice gentleman collects the 10 euro entry which includes a drink. We had a glass of wine. The show lasted about 1.5 hours.

Data dell’esperienza: maggio 2019


The Talented Napulitanata

Matt Damon and Jude Law famously sing ‘Tu vuo fa l’americano’ in the film The Talented Mr Ripley. A group of young musicians beautifully perform this and other Neapolitan popular classics in an intimate venue near the archeological museum. An delightful way for the visitor to connect with the culture. Email via the website to reserve a ticket – they text you back.

Data dell’esperienza: maggio 2019


Fantastic evening

We visited Napulitanata on a family holiday and it was a fantastic evenings entertainment. The 2 musicians and the singer were excellent and gave tremedous performances. The setting is great and we got a drink of wine included, highly reccomended for an evening out in Naples

Data dell’esperienza: maggio 2019


Fantastic evening in Naples

We really enjoyed the show, The musicians and singer were excellent and involved the audience, well worth a visit when in Naples.Highly recommended

Data dell’esperienza: maggio 2019



Great atmosphere and lovely live music in an intimate setting. Good value too. When we were there a couple proposed and it was beautiful. Just book in advance!

Data dell’esperienza: maggio 2019


Fantastic atmosphere!

Fantastic place to listen to Neapolitan classical music famous all over the world, an experience that I recommend to all those who want to know the true soul of Naples!

Data dell’esperienza: aprile 2019



A very lovely evening with an outsanding musical company.

A very cosy and pleasant evening. Very good, young musicians who are (rightly) proud to there city and its historical music, some songs known to us all. A very good thing to try to keep this tradition alive and to share it with other italian citizens and tourists from other countries. bravissimi

Data dell’esperienza: aprile 2019


Best 10 EUR spent in Italy [yes, this is better than food]

The experience was AMAZING, we singed, danced and enjoyed Napoletan music, but even more than that, we may have caught a glimpse of the Napoletan culture and spirit.

We booked the tickets online, a drink is included [wine or beer] along with water and Italian pretzels.

Do not miss this event on your next trip to Naples.

Data dell’esperienza: febbraio 2019


A performance to remember !

It was incredibly beautiful. The singers and the musicians were amazing, it gave me goosebumps. The place is really cozy, we laughed a lot. Merci beaucoup!!!

Data dell’esperienza: maggio 2019


Great evening experience, eqsy to book online

We decided to go to the show spontaneously an hour in advance and sent a quick email through the website where we reserved two tickets. The whole program takes an hour, costs just 10 eur a person and even includes a drink and some crackers. The room feels like a private little spectacle, way more intimate and nicer than a proper conceet hall..We really liked the show and the songs, eveb if some songs are well known I think it is about the way the band sings them, their emotion and you see how much they love doing it and have fun with this. .. not something you will see at many places.And the solo piano songs the pianidt played during thebreak were absolutely amazing too. Totally worth it, go check then out and fund this little project they have.

Data dell’esperienza: aprile 2019


Not miss the best show in town !

Book early and try not to miss this fantastic show with traditional songs and dances, that lasts 1:15 about. You’ll pay only 10 € p.p. with a glass of beer, or red wine, or Coca Cola, or Fanta and a kind of snack ! You’ll be invited to sing and dance with the “showman” Alessandro and all the others fantastic singers and fabulous musicians ! Highly recommended ! Free WiFi.

Thank you so much, all of you, for the wonderful night and the unique great show ! We’ll be so happy to meet you again in Naples !

Data dell’esperienza: marzo 2019


Authentic lively Napoli experience

If the hustle and bustle of Napoli make that wonderful city evermore charming in your eyes, then this warm and lively show will keep you smiling.

4 wonderful artists share a culture of long ago, in energy and skill that are worth a light and fun evening.

Well done!

Data dell’esperienza: marzo 2019


very good! can be even better!

Bravi! Young people full of enthusiasm and love for what they do. A space where you can listen to neapolitan music: that was missing from Naples!

However, we can hear “funiculi” and “sole mio” in any pizzeria around the world, no need to come to Naples for this!

Those who come to your show, I am sure, they look for something more special. The musical tradition of your incredible city is vast! Hundreds of beautiful songs wait for you to unveil them to your audience!

And please, a bit less dance and more singing next time!

Data dell’esperienza: gennaio 2019


Don’t miss it while in Naples

If you want to see something authentic and fun in the same time don’t miss this night out.You have included in the price one glass of beer or wine and snacks. We had fun we sang and dance and meet great people.

Data dell’esperienza: marzo 2019


Perfect evening of live music!

As a world music fan & producer for 25 years, Napulitanata was excellent! The musicians, traditions, variety, engagement of audience and setting were a treat as well as important for music cultural preservation. Its 90 minutes that takes you on a fabulous journey and you leave feeling inspired, connected to many types of Italian music and happy! I’d go again and would recommend hiring them when they tour.

Data dell’esperienza: febbraio 2019

Great place

I went for the first time with my wife to visit Naples. We were able to get to know some amazing Italian classic songs. The musicians were very joyful and kept everybody involved and having a good time. There was wine and some snacks with the concert.

Data dell’esperienza: febbraio 2019


One of my best experiences in Naples

Honestly just good clean fun for everyone. So much lovely music and great people from all over the world. I don’t think I’ve smiled or laughed more on my whole trip thus far. Please come and support these musicians.

Data dell’esperienza: febbraio 2019


Great experience in Naples

We went there by recommendations read on tripadvisor. I must admit it was more than I have expected. I never knew those songs are derived from Naples! If you want to get known with the city, you must visit Napulitanata!

Data dell’esperienza: febbraio 2019



We had a group of 25 students on a travel course to study Italian history and culture. We went to see this amazing music concert with Neapolitan classics, ranging from folk songs to classics like “Il sole mio”. The musicians put on a wonderful show, getting the audience involved, and translating things to English for our group. There was wine and some snacks with the concert, and at the end our group had a photo taken with the performers. It was a highlight of our visit to Naples – and helped students understand the culture of this part of Italy. I bought a CD and a t-shirt too! If you go to Naples, this is really worth doing. The show is a bit over an hour, but fun and unforgettable. I may go back later this year and plan to visit again!

Data dell’esperienza: gennaio 2019



A great show. We were emersed in the Neapolitan culture. The musicians were very skilled and created an amazing atmosphere.

Data dell’esperienza: gennaio 2019



Great evening with wonderful musicians. A tenore joined the three performers adding to an already astonishing music momento a magic touch. Very nice and highly recommended also with teen. The piano on the Carosone Piano Fortissimo create an incredibile atmosphere !

Data dell’esperienza: gennaio 2019


We were very much excited by the whole group performaance

Impressive the show of today. All group have shown a very high level. Special mention to Emmanuela and Pasquale because they played the main part but Giuseppe and Mimmo performed at very high level.

We bought the CD to her their melodies at home and we’ll recommend to go to see the musical to all our friends when they go to Napoli.

Thanks a lot.

Data dell’esperienza: dicembre 2018


Great, local music show with heart

This could have easily felt like a tourist trap, but instead you arrive to a very intimate little space that the musicians themselves converted into a petite concert hall from an old mechanic’s workshop in order to create a venue to showcase and share their love for Napolitan music. The musicians are very talented. The show lasts about 75 minutes, which is really a perfect length. Both romantic and family friendly with a song or two for kids. Great authentic experience.

Data dell’esperienza: dicembre 2018


Will come back

This will place makes me very elated. They include us in their singing and dancing and are very passionate. Everyone was smiling and laughing during the show. It made me very happy, and my whole family enjoyed it. They gave us free drinks and some snacks. I bought their CD because their music was very good. If I visit Naples again, I will definitely come again. Anyone who is looking for a happy and cheerful night full of fun and participation, come to this place!

Data dell’esperienza: dicembre 2018


Unforgettable show

If you don’t spent an evening in Napulitanata, you weren’t in Naples. During the performance you can feel Italian spirit everywhere and eventually you will end up singing with the performers. It was really a great experience with unbelievably good musicians and fantastic atmosphere. You shouldn’t miss this show!

Data dell’esperienza: settembre 2018


Exceptional music and singing – grazie mille to all the Napulitanata team

What a spectacular evening all round! I went with a group of Art History Abroad students to an evening event with Napulitanata in November. Everyone had the most fantastic time. The singers and musicians were exceptional and we felt very lucky to have the opportunity to experience such enchanting and powerful traditional Neapolitan music first hand – we loved every moment and I couldn’t recommend a visit to Napulitanata more highly

Data dell’esperienza: novembre 2018


Ron (NL)

Very nice show in a very pretty atmosphere. Hardworking people to promote Napolitanian culture, I loved the performance.

Data dell’esperienza: novembre 2018


Highlight of Naples visit

This evening of Neapolitan music was a highlight of our visit to Naples. Each song was beautifully executed, demonstrating the wonderful musical history of this diverse city. Highly recommended!

Data dell’esperienza: novembre 2018


Great concert of Neapolitan music.

We really spend a great evening listening to the love songs of the city. Great musicians, great singer in an intimate venue. I really recommend immersing you in this atmosphere. Definitely five stars.

Recensito il 20 novembre 2018


Fantastic insight into the musical heritage of Naples

My husband, Paul, and myself love tradition Latin American, Caribbean and Spanish music so were keen to try to hear some traditional Neapolitan music durning our visit to Naples last week. I booked for us to go to a concert at Napulitanata last Friday. The venue is just opposite the Archeological Museum of Naples, so is very easy to get to. The mini-concert hall was refurbished autonomously to become the first venue dedicated to la Canzona Neapolitana and other local traditional genres. We received a warm welcome and liked the venue very much; it’s intimate and cosy. The music was absolutely fantastic, sometimes romantic, sometimes fast paced, often theatrical, a bit like Spanish copla. The performance focused on the compositions of Totò and Renato Carosone. The musicians/singers, Manuela Renno, Mimmo Matania, Pasquale Cirillo and Antonio Sacco, were all excellent. The evening was one of the main highlights of our trip to Naples. Apart from being a lovely evening out, it’s a project that deserves support as it’s crucial that we all help keep traditional music live and alive, where ever we are. If I lived in Naples I’d be there every week! So going along, have a glass of wine and enjoy these talented young musicians.

Data dell’esperienza: novembre 2018


Wonderful evening of traditional Italian music!

These very talented musicians/singers perform in a quaint little hall. Their energy and respect for traditional music were very clear to see and the way they incorporate audience involvement was very enjoyable. Be sure to take the time to enjoy this very special experience anytime you visit Naples.

Data dell’esperienza: settembre 2018


Just fun!!

Excellent singers and musicians offering traditional Neapolitan music. It’s in a small, intimate space, almost like a little nightclub. Seated at small tables and offered wine, beer or water and some snacks. The entertainers, both vocal and instrumental, are absolutely wonderful. I had many amazing experiences on my recent trip to Italy, and I have to say that this was one of the highlights for me. They even got me to dance! As I said…just fun!!

Data dell’esperienza: ottobre 2018

Recensito il 26 ottobre 2018 da dispositivo mobile


Wonderful experience

Excellent and talented vocal and instrumental musicians. Entertaining, inspiring, emotionally moving with energy and humor. If you can cross the streets in Naples like locals and live to tell about it, you should also avail yourself of this local delight.

Data dell’esperienza: ottobre 2018


Nice evening entertainment, Neapolitan-style.

First of all, let’s get this straight, this is not the #2 thing to do in Naples as the tripadvisor reviews would suggest. It’s great light entertainment and a nice thing to do for 75 minutes after a meal out. However, there are many more and interesting things to see and do in Naples than this.

That said, I’d recommend everyone to come and try this out for a night whilst staying in Naples. The entertainment is local and authentic and the pianist that we saw was excellent. The venue is a little small, long and narrow so not everyone will get a seat with a comfortable view of the performers – go early for the best seats.

Data dell’esperienza: ottobre 2018


small venue – involving experience

It was a short show – about an hour but an amazing amount of effort, expression and content. We really enjoyed it!

Data dell’esperienza: ottobre 2018


Don’t think about it, just to! What fabulous performance!

If you are in Napoli and have a chance to go, don’t think about it, don’t hesitate, don’t go check it out and compare to other things you could do that evening, JUST GO!

What a fabulous, authentic, heartful, emotional, amazing performance!

Data dell’esperienza: ottobre 2018


Great entertainment!

A fabulous, relaxed night of great music by accomplished musicians. If you want to get into the spirit of Naples, this really is a must! It is a great way to start your evening as only an hour long, but has a friendly, relaxed and inclusive feel. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

Data dell’esperienza: ottobre 2018



What a performance! The music was fantastic — performed by incredibly talented musicians. Don’t miss going to this when you’re in Napoli. The traditional Napolitan music is a treat. The last two numbers were songs everyone has heard and the words were projected as the audience sang along. It was a memorable and fun evening. Check out their website and under Booking you can sign up for a seat. It’s a small venue, and the passion of the musicians really comes through.

Data dell’esperienza: settembre 2018


Fantastic evening

We had a wonderful evening with beautiful, passionate music by highly skilled musicians! I will definitely be back on my next visit!!

Data dell’esperienza: settembre 2018


A local night with my Maria

A great performance by talented young musicians, introducing you to local nalolitan music and passuon for life. The intera tion with the musicians, Who encourage you to dance and sing with them is a great experience that you must not Kiss if you visit Naples.

Data dell’esperienza: settembre 2018



As the film Passione by John Turturro showed, Naples has a varied and wonderful musical tradition, influenced by Arabic music, jazz, and of course local traditional music. These musicians are passionately dedicated to the preservation of this varied tradition. For 10 euros/person you can share their enthusiasm as they pour their hearts and souls into singing and dancing in a small space with about 30 people. There is no amplification. All in all, a wonderful experience.

Data dell’esperienza: settembre 2018


Wonderful evening in every way

My wife and I were here last night while on holiday in Naples and found that all the 5 star reviews were correct. They have also said it all! Napulitanata may be a small organisation but their efficiency from booking process through to organisation on the night was faultless. We booked via their website and received a confirmation e mail. No payment until the evening of the performance. On arrival you are taken to your seat, identified with a name card and water and bites on the small table. You are offered beer, white or red wine or soda. The base of the table is decorated with candle and sheet music mat. A programme, in Italian and English, explaining the meaning of the songs adds to the enjoyment. Their set up of the small venue really is slick.

The space is very cosy and intimate. It reminded me in some way of the folk club venues years ago back home.

The standard of singing and musicianship is first class. Expect piano, accordion, double bass, timpani instruments. The songs are delivered with such passion and emotion you will find your heart at one moment aching, the next soaring with happiness. We speak zero Italian (or Neapolitan) but I admit to fighting back tears at some songs. These people really believe in what they are delivering. It is though not all forlorn love and heartbreak! There is loads of fun, laughter, dancing and being involved. It is traditional music but it is also that traditional style of entertainment we are losing, where people simply come together to sing, dance, laugh and perhaps cry a little….and I include the audience in that. Do not worry at all if you don’t understand the language, you will get what is going on and will be singing along by the end…guaranteed!

Run to it!

Data dell’esperienza: settembre 2018


Yes, Yes, Yes

Don’t think twice about attending this show, it is spectacular. What wonderful performers that capture your heart and connect you to Napoli. I felt I was watching Liberace play the piano, unbelievable. The voice of the show, a Bella Donna will make you dream. Absolutely wonderful. Take a taxi as it’s a little hard to find, it’s across from the big museum, under the arches. Make a reservation, this will be harder to get in once the secret is out. Many thanks Napulitanata.

Data dell’esperienza: settembre 2018


A Magical Evening

If you are looking for an authentic Neopolitan musical experience this is the place to go. Top class musicians will entertain you in an intimate cosy venue. The music and songs are extremely well selected, ranging from traditional pieces to those made popular in film and opera. These pieces are further enhanced by well chosen graphics projected on a screen behind the musicians.

There is an interactive aspect to the performance which is thoroughly enjoyable.

You will be provided with light refreshments and treated like royalty.

And the cost is only €10 per person.

Well done to all the dedicated and talented people involved in this enterprise.

Data dell’esperienza: settembre 2018


A great evening event in Naples

A group of fine musicians entertain a room full of locals and tourists. Booking via the internet, paying the modest 10 euro fee on the door. If you’re in Naples with a spare evening then I strongly suggest that you go!

Data dell’esperienza: agosto 2018


Wonderful, spirited performance

My mom and I attended Napulitanata. The songs transported her to the days when my grandparents would listen to Neapolitan songs in the House. The musicians were excellent, charismatic, passionate…. and just plain talented. The show lasted about an hour, was inexpensive and in a very cute space. I am so thrilled we attended. It was a lovely way to spend part of our evening!

Data dell’esperienza: settembre 2018


Lovely evening – 100% recommended

Excellent show with very nice and professional young musicians. You’ll get the cherry on the cake of your Naples experience. no way you’ll regret it – have fun!

Data dell’esperienza: agosto 2018


Excellent and entertaining

A great show. We booked in advanced at it cost €10 each, lasted about an hour and 15 minutes.

All the musicians were very talented and entertaining. The pianist did a few solo songs and he is an exceptional pianist.

Highly recommended.

The hall itself is quite small and was very warm but a small downside dwarfed by the performance.

Data dell’esperienza: settembre 2018


Amazing experience!!!!

Wonderful place to experience the true Neapolitan culture and to listen to magical Neapolitan songs!!

Data dell’esperienza: settembre 2018


Better than broadway!

As a native New Yorker, I can promise you that the quality of this show and its performers is at the level of Broadway but in a wonderfully intimate setting. For 10 euros you get a drink and a very personal and incredibly authentic performance that you will never forget. The lead singer has the voice of angel and her passion radiates through every second of the show. The pianist is so talented and his performance was breathtaking and unlike anything I’ve seen before. You MUST MUST see this show if you’re visiting Naples..I cannot recommend it enough and feel lucky to have experienced it.

Data dell’esperienza: agosto 2018

A strong cultural landmark

We discovered Napulitana by chance, walking along the archeological museum. We have delighted by the show, to discover the wonderful traditional neapolitan songs.

The price is really symbolic (10€ for the show including a drink) for the quality of the music.

The atmosphere was really nice, napolitan people were singing along the songs with the musician, and for foreigners like us it was a good way to be introduced to the local traditional music.

We recommend.

Data dell’esperienza: agosto 2018


A must in Naples

If you are in the city you should definitely spend a night here. The performance lasts over an hour and the musicians are excellent. After listening to a few traditional, you will end up signing with the performers. The place is small and cozy and no microphones or amplifiers are used. Don’ t miss it!

Data dell’esperienza: agosto 2018


amazing show

today we visited the show, amazing performance, very engaging act in which you are encourged to dance and sing, pianist and singer are amazing, the musicians deserve a bigger stage! plz go, you will not be disappointed!

Data dell’esperienza: agosto 2018


Best of Naples!

This show was the best part of our trip in Naples! Me and my husband traveled to Naples this July and visited all the city’s most famous sights, as well as decided to go see Napulitanata show the last evening. The show was simply splendid! For 10 EUR we were offered a drink, snacks, and most importantly – fantastic show of 3 very very talented musicians. The show included variety of famous and classic Napolitan songs, as well as introduction to historical origin and background of the pieces. It was very interactive, we could dance and sing together with the performers. The lead singer has great voice and amazing instrument skills, the show main host is very kind, welcoming and inviting, while the pianist – he was simply magical – pure talent, who can give you unique experience of being lost in the world of music. We both loved the show and can definitely recommend! Book in advance 🙂

Data dell’esperienza: luglio 2018



Not what I expected!

VERY SMALL venue. Should reserve in advance. About 30 attendees, of all ages. Five very good musicians. Was like a performance in someone’s living room. Mostly in Italian, but enough English to keep us involved. They did a good job of mixing the music up, and involved the audience in some of the dancing. It turned out to be a FUN show.

Data dell’esperienza: luglio 2018


See Napulitanata now, before they become wildly famous

Rarely do you find a group of insanely talented musicians and singers in such a small, intimate venue. The venue, a former taxi repair shop converted into a perfect spot to get close with the performers, makes the experience that much more enjoyable. It’s just a matter of time until Napulitanata start selling out large auditoriums so now is the time to get up close and personal. Regardless of your musical taste or preference, it’s impossible not to have a great time for a fair price with a group of amazing people. Even our kids (11 and 13), skeptical at first, we’re completely enjoying themselves minutes into the show. Don’t visit Naples without checking this out.

Data dell’esperienza: luglio 2018


The BEST thing about Naples.

You have not truly experienced Naples without the music and this show delivered. The musicians were not only extremely talented but very engaging. This was a true exhibition of showmanship, props to the performers. I will think of this show fondly whenever I hear anything of Italy.

Data dell’esperienza: luglio 2018


Amazing Experience!

For 10 EUR you get a choice of soda, wine or beer and water as well as some crackers on top of a gorgeous and intimate concert. The musicians are world class and the entertainment value is incredible and classy! The performance was about an hour and fifteen minutes and I loved every minute!

Data dell’esperienza: luglio 2018


Highlight of Two Weeks in Italy

We come to Italy for a few weeks every year to visit family. This was a highlight of the last few years. We are planning a family reunion in Napoli for next year so that everyone can enjoy it. Truly spectacular and worth much more than they are charging. Be sure to arrive on time. We suggest you offer a tip at the end and wear your dancing shoes.

Data dell’esperienza: luglio 2018

An unforgettable night in Naples

I was out with a friend and my daughter. We went to see the National Archeological Museum and chanced upon this wonderful event in an exquisite little venue opposite the museum. A joyous and uplifting experience – full of soul and passion – a night of soulful music with roots in Neapolitan tradition – left us with a great feeling and a strong desire to share the experience as widely as possible

Data dell’esperienza: luglio 2018


Fantastic experience

We’ve been to the show of Napulitanata on 29.june and it was magical! It’s much more than beautiful music, and very professional and virtuos performance. These guys have so much soul and «balls» in what they’re doing that you fall in love with Napoli and its culture! If you want come close to what Napoli stands for, come to this concert. Absolutely recommended! Very well organized, warm introduction and very intimate atmosphere as if you were at home with your friends. Our son, 8 y.o. was very fascinated too. We’d rather come back when we’re next time here! Loved it.

Data dell’esperienza: giugno 2018


Terrific Small Group Neapolitan Concert

Our Rick Steve’s tour guide in Naples asked our group if anyone wanted to attend a traditional music concert. Eleven in our group expressed interest. Three young musicians/singers entertained our small group with songs, stories (translated by our RS tour guide), dancing, sing-a-longs, instrumentals (piano, accordian, lg tambourine, etc) for over an hour. Some audience participation encouraged. This concert would be enjoyable and age-appropriate for children 5 and up. Location is across from main entrance to Museo Nazionale. A fabulous Naples memory!!

Data dell’esperienza: giugno 2018


Perfect night in Napoli

This is our last night in Napoli and we decided to spend this evening on a concert based on tripadvisor 5 star reviews. As promised, it was one of the best music performance i have experienced, the singer and the musicians are passionate and professional, the solo of the pianist is just jaw dropping. You don’t need to know Italian to understand as music is universal, though all audiences can sing along most of the songs performed and we are the only foreigner there. We simply enjoyed the great atmosphere and had a good evening

Data dell’esperienza: giugno 2018


Fun and exciting !

Great value for a one plus hour of listening to the songs and music from Naples. The young musicians and singer really make you enjoy thier music , even if you don’t speak italian or the local dialect . Highly recommend !

Data dell’esperienza: giugno 2018



A very pleasant night, listening, singing, dancing and learning more about the true Napolitan music.

The group who plays the instruments and sing, are high level in their performance.

I really recommend Napulitanata for everyone who visits Naples,in Italy.

Data dell’esperienza: giugno 2018


Must visit

Should you happen once to find yourself in Naples don’t miss a concert of traditional music by Napulitanata. It’s amazing and very Italian! We visited it today and I was deeply impressed by the concert, it’s very personalized as there are just few people. It’s a pity they don’t have CDs.

Data dell’esperienza: giugno 2018


Very high quality show, a must go

Very professional artists, we enjoyed the songs and had a wonderful time. The place is small, but there is a very good atmosphere between the artists and the audience

Data dell’esperienza: giugno 2018


A most excellent entertainment

I join the throng of reviewers and last night’s fellow revellers in praising the fast fun and quality of musical entertainment that got the room bopping. Expect a sequence of serious ballads, folk music plus humorous pieces that get audience participation. You do not need to speak Italian because you will understand everything that is going on. Delivered with pride and professionalism, the welcome is palpable and the asy going nature of the players/staff set the right scene for a fun time.

Data dell’esperienza: giugno 2018


Fantastic show and a great bargain

It’s a very small room but the three musicians are amazing. Have to think they could get away with charging quite a bit more than 10 Euro, which includes a drink.

Only drawbacks are that the room got quite warm, and the area outside the theater seems a little dicey at night.

Data dell’esperienza: giugno 2018


High quality presentation

The three artists put on a highly professional show with nice empathy with the audience of about 50 persons. The locale was small but this helped develop a great atmosphere. The price including drinks made it almost a giveaway. And the pianist deserves special mention – top quality indeed.

Data dell’esperienza: maggio 2018


Unforgettable evening

Neaples is a great city, but you cant not leave this place without spending an evening at Napulitanata.

You will thank them about creating a perfect good time unforgettable.

Data dell’esperienza: maggio 2018


Must do in Napoli

The great experience with the great musicians. They play the napoletan music with emotions and from heart.

Guys I would like invite you to my wedding.

Wish you a grate future!!

Data dell’esperienza: maggio 2018


Evening you will never forget

We were in Napoli for the second time and we wanted to experience a night that would give us a true Napoli feeling.

The night exceeded all our expectations. It was pure, it was fun, the musicians were unbelievably good, our kids loved it. When we come back to Napoli we will definitely go there again and see another show.

Recommended to everybody who wants to see what Napoli really sounds and feels like.

It will be an unforgettable evening!

Data dell’esperienza: maggio 2018


This is why we love Naples…

As a New Yorker, I love performance. And it would be a shame to be in Naples and not experience Napulitanata. It’s just across from the Archeology museum in a converted taxi garage (how they ever parked cars in here is beyond me.) It’s a very small intimate setting, but arranged perfectly. I can’t be sure, but I think the performers may vary from night to night, but the idea of the company is paramount: to present traditional Neapolitan music in a wonderfully enjoyable way. It is inexpensive, but very desirable. And I’m not sure of the hours. There may be only one performance per night. But that’s why we stay at hotels. They will call and, hopefully, make you a reservation. I just plodded in one night, but I’m a solo, and thankfully they found me a spot. Absolutely enjoyable! Don’t miss it.

Data dell’esperienza: aprile 2018


Great evening activity

There you can here amazing Napolitan songs. A must if you are with your girlfriend/boyfriend, and still nice to go with friends!

Data dell’esperienza: aprile 2018


A Fantastic Evening with the Napulitanata

There are three must-dos when you are visiting Naples: Pompeii, the National Archeological Museum and the Napulitanata. In a former taxi garage opposite the archeological museum Napulitanata have their concerts with mainly traditional Neapolitan songs. We had a fantastic evening there with fabulous musicians in a very cosy and friendly atmosphere. We even had the chance to try some tarantella dancing. This evening will be a great memory from Naples!

Data dell’esperienza: aprile 2018


A must if in Naples!

We went to Naples for a long weekend and came across this venue through word of mouth recommendation – well, what a treat and hidden gem it was! Fantastic musicians, very warm atmosphere and welcome, and a real authentic venue with proper traditional Neapolitan music. Thanks so much to Napulitanata for an unforgettable evening!

Data dell’esperienza: aprile 2018

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Fantastic!Wonderful musicians,warm atmosphere,beautiful young people.The tickets are 10€.Should be the double price at least!

Data dell’esperienza: aprile 2018


amazing show

Excellent musicians playing traditional Neapolitan songs is just fantastic, is only 10 euro and they even give you a drink is an absolute bargain, this place is a must if you are in Naples

Data dell’esperienza: marzo 2018


Highly recommended for music lovers

We made a reservation on their website and got å quick respons. It’s situated just opposit the archeological museum. It’s a nice little “concert hall” with seats. We had a warm welcome and a welcome drink. The concert was absolutely great. Real traditional Italian and Napolitean music by very professional musicians. Also the kids loved it every minute. A must for everyone. Very good value!! Not far away from the piazza Bellini where you can eat / drink / have a snack after the concert. We will come back and thank you guys for the nice evening!!

Data dell’esperienza: febbraio 2018


What an experience!

If you find yourself in Naples and you are somewhere near the Museo Archeologico then please look and see if there is a performance at Napulitanata. It is definitely not to be missed! We have just spent an hour listening to four musicians singing and playing their hearts out to a select audience of about fifteen of us. If you don’t speak much Italian, don’t worry. You will know many of the songs and they modify their explanations according to who is in the audience. They even give you a glass of wine to enjoy before the performance.

I cannot speak highly enough for these guys. They carry the torch for live music in general and Neapolitan music in particular. Support them!

Ken and Di Burch (Oxford, England)

Data dell’esperienza: febbraio 2018


Nice experience !!!

A genuine initiative of young but professional singers and musicians who love the traditional musical culture of their native city, Naples

The place is not so big but it’s authentic and warm

Traditional Neapolitan songs are wonderful even if not easily understandable since quite far from Italian language. Still we had the chance to follow the text after finding the song on internet

Very nice evening !!

Data dell’esperienza: gennaio 2018


Amazing Naples experience

Incredible neapolitan experience with excellent musicians. The venue is cosy and people interact. I strongly recommend it.

Data dell’esperienza: dicembre 2017


Wonderful time learning about Napoli and the arts and entertaining ourselves

An evening of traditional Napolitana music, singing, dancing with a small group of talented and dedicated musicians and singers

I would love to attend a tarentella or other traditional dance workshop if this group organized one

Data dell’esperienza: dicembre 2017


An excellent evening of traditional music

An intimate venue, passionate,,traditional Neapolitan music, performed by very talented people. A thoroughly enjoyable evening, full of fun too. Let’s give a special mention to the incredible pianist…wonderful!!

Data dell’esperienza: dicembre 2017


Do not miss this experience while you are in Napoli

The best way to spend a night in Napoli. Excellent songs, and the pianist Pasquale (if I remember correctly his name) is just phenomenal, one of the best pianists I have ever encountered.


Data dell’esperienza: dicembre 2017


Lovely, intimate concert with passionate folk favorites

Wonderful traditional Italian songs sung by a talented vocalist and accompanied by a master pianist and accordion player. Very friendly people who went out of their way to translate for us. Absolutely amazing!

Data dell’esperienza: novembre 2017


Do not miss!

This is a wonderful place run by passionate, talented, warm and professional people. We went twice. The music is beautiful and the talent incredible. They have clearly put so much work into transforming this venue from an old taxi garage to a thriving music concert. The best 10 euro you will spend in Naples for an hour of music, wine, and taralli. You will meet great people and learn a lot about the city and its music. We can’t wait to go back.

Data dell’esperienza: luglio 2017


Amazing experience

This is really amazing experience of traditional folk music of Napoli. Furthermore, I would point out a very professional level of musicians. The “must have” for everyone who want to feel the real soul of Napoli

Data dell’esperienza: giugno 2017


Un piacere !!

[ENGLISH ] We first had a 1h tour in the archaeological museum of Napoli with Margherita. It was in italian, but with our little italian we understood most of it. We then went to the show in the napulitanata (you can also book just for the show at 21h30). It was so nice. We were three tourists (USA, India and Switzerland) and they were so nice. Integrated us in the show as much as possible – with sing along’s and dancing to authentic Neapolitan music. We were served a (small) but delicious pasta plate with a glass of red wine and some water. A lovely experience, with local people all singing along. So nice!! recommended!! For families, couples, friends or lone travelers!

[FRANCAIS] Un super moment passs avec 3 touristes non-italiens. Ils ont tout fait pour nous faire sentir à l’aise. Un super moment passé à chanter des chansons napolitaines et a participer à des danses typiques. Une supère expérience loin des attractions typiquement touristiques. A FAIRE

Data dell’esperienza: giugno 2017


A suggestive experience

Their music is really great and the place too. It was very easy to get there and they offered us some traditional pastries( yummy).

Data dell’esperienza: maggio 2017



Beautiful traditional music from Napoli. The concert hall is cosy, people are very friendly and of course the music is great! Even if you can’t speak Italian, the music gets you!!

Data dell’esperienza: maggio 2017

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